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Get the shit out of my head

rock'n'clown the-illegal-eagle
touring with circus flicflac and my family

was quit cool... to be married ... and also to travel with the circus...

touring with my clown show, was my way of life for many years. I am happy that I could make my living out of making people laugh... now I try to do good with my music and my love.
Here is how I used to start my clown show. It was about... 10 years ago. Yes. Time is running(-:
Performing in a circus flicflac a good night song at the end the show.

It is just too good to be true.... but it is true. We are so lucky to have all those communication channels. So much is possible to do and so much to be done. Could not be a better time for conscious evolution and its rapid spread . All we need to do is stand for our believe in a freedom posture to life... the rest will follow. Guarantied!

I believe that we can create a better future. It is just that non of us can do it alone; we need to create a momentum together and make the evolution of consciousness the driving force for all of us.
Visit and evolve to create the culture of the future. A better future for all.
To learn more about awakening, and understand who we really are, visit
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