Here is the part of my life, concerning ... the-illegal-eagle.


for the first time I am out of my home land and I love it. I decide to stay on the road and live from my art. I call myself the-illegal-eagle. 15 years I was living and traveling with my cool traveling house-cars, and made my living as a street clown. Some of the money I was "investing" in the production of my first LP "rock Point" that released in 1982.

1991 my first child is born, a year later my second...
so, till the end of the world I am
"Papa Eagle" a father to 3 wonders (including the first daughter that is the big sister of my boys).
...after a few years with the mother of my children we are living our separate life but share the
love and the care to our children.

; "Fool Festival", Amsterdam.
guest show with Jango Edwards for the 20th celebration of the fool festival

I join Circus FlicFlac for a one year tour in Germany. My kids and ex wife join me on the tour.

Wandertheater-Festival, Radebeul-Dresden:
First Price!!!
Winner of the Wanderpokal....
what a nice way to end the clowning chapter of my life.
I have enough from being on the road and do my clown show.
I don't do clowning any more and start building my music studio
Now it is all about my kids (age 20, 16 and 15), my music, my studio, my very few friends, the internet, my dog and..... I am learning every day something new about life ;-)

So, here is the latest;

I have just discovered a new perspective to life. I know this is "the truth".
It is all about the evolution of consciousness and culture...
I will try to explain here ;
and at
Not too bad for a clown....
Peace, Love and Conscious Evolution

Update for 2010;
GoodReality is becoming a non profit, dedicated to facilitate and support Conscious Service.